Saturday, 2 June 2018

Life is like a Coffee. Make a tasty one !

Life is just like a coffee. Yes ! It is.

As we can control how much strong it should be or how much sugar should be there in it according to our taste. The key to live a happy life always stays in our hands. We can control it if we have the will to handle everything and look ahead.

Experiences 're a vital part of this journey and if there won't be any ups and downs, of course it 'll become monotonous. In last one year my life has been a roller coaster ride and I consider myself lucky to have ride it with pride. Never underestimate yourself. Know your worth as nothing else in this world is worthy of risking your peace. Balance everything, be it sugar or bitterness. All flavors are necessary in proportion to live in this world. We won't know the worth of sugar untill we taste bitterness or sourness.

So keep adding all flavors in your life in order to keep it alive. Love yourself and Yes, never let anyone diminish your spark. We all have that flame, it's just hidden somewhere deep inside. Reach out to those corners, grab it and never let it go.

Love yourself, find your peace and be your own ecstasy.

Today I 'm here to Thank each one of you who accompanied me in my journey. It has been complete one year since I started this writing platform. Thank you everyone for supporting and staying.
Love You all.

By: Divya Saini
Instagram Handle: divinecstasy3


Monday, 28 May 2018

Ghatol, Rajasthan !

Ghatol is a small town in the district of Banswara, Rajasthan. It is an Indian village where people lead a simple yet satisfying life. There is not much hustle and bustle. Families live together in peace. Away from modern technology, this town portrays a perfect picture of serenity and beauty.

Here 're few pictures which were captured when a team of photographers visited the place few days back.

-                 Indian woman: An epitome of Love, Sacrifice,Courage and tremendous Strength.

-                                         Pure soul and peaceful mind is a deadly combination.

 -                             Smile has the true power to portray the real happiness of our soul

 -                                           Eyes are vast oceans of dreams and perspectives.


 -                                         Eyes have the power to hide even the deepest secrets

-                    Miracles 're bound to happen, if you 'll carry a smile and optimistic attitude.

-                                    Sharing joy even in misery makes life successful and satisfying.

-                               It takes a lifetime to experience the reality of this human life.

-    Nothing can overpower the true spirit of a woman who walks with her head held up high. 

-      Let your eyes dream at night and let your arms do the needful during the day to make your dreams come true. 

Photography By: Archita Vats, Sonam Oberoi, Hemant Dubey, Deepak Bhoj
Place: Ghatol,Rajasthan.

Written By: Divya Saini